Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Definitely a "don't see, don't know" scenario

Have developed a rash in response to one of my two chemo drugs, but the treatment is more important than a rash, so the nurses have applied a very pine-y scented balm for it that helps tremendously. It doesn't itch, quite, but it isn't sitting quietly, either. But if I must sit on the edge of a major itch, at least I feel as though I am awash in a fragrant spring glen as I take it all in.

Another aid for the rash is a slightly different cortisone (SP?), which appears to be helping my head form into yet another shape.

My torso already looks more like that of a heavyset man who has developed midlife breasts, alas. If that's how I looked before this all happened, well, I've been living in my own Private Idaho, haven't I?

I'll spare you what we've come up with to deal with my bed sore--yes, I've developed one of those. Apparently it is being addressed by a balm that Barbara picked up for me this afternoon. A balm that is best supported with plastic wrap (I'll let you figure out where and how). Lovely way to get to "crinkle" my way across the floor .

An official leave the hospital date has been announced, but I am not going to hex things by passing it along. It is all dependent on labwork and my body's reception of the blood and platelets she's been getting by the truckload, and that appears far out of the range of my powers.

So let's say fairly soon, okay?

Many thanks to Barbara for said ointment and for running to get fun deserts and an actual, factual pasta dinner for tonight. She'll be missed terribly by yours truly when she heads back home tomorrow, yes indeed-y.

Time for this one to head to bed, methinks--but oh, one more antibiotic to take (hooray!).

Happy day to you, Ann

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Rebecca Weber said...

Ann, I read about your bedsore and just wanted to tell you that I had a bedsore also. Besides the treatments ordered by my doctor, I ordered a medical sheepskin for my bed. Have had no more bedsores since the sheepskin. I ordered from this place:
although any sheepskin will do as long as it is called a medical sheepskin-something to do with the way they treat the sheepskin. Hope you feel better soon and het to go home. Rebecca Weber