Sunday, March 21, 2010

Does Thursday work for you?

My roommate is on her way home, and I'm not.


Next ETD? Thursday. Still not quite up to snuff, alas.

Back on my chemo Valcase, but not on "new" agent; pain management still a work in progress. And that "regularity" business? Still highly irregular. And I just don't feel very good.

Realistically, the hospital is the place I ought to be, but I'd rather not be here.

That's today's whine.

Today's good news is that Val and Joan, visions of mercy from NYC, are here, replacing Karen in the "taking care of business" role she's filled so incredibly for a while now. Thanks to them, Karen was able to rendez-vous with Sky in time for a show in Worcester they had been planning for ages now.

Mary may be filling in for Val and Joan in a few days to boot.

And another packet of platelets are wending their way into my bloodstream as I type.

So, the Patch-a-Thon Continues, and I should be feeling better, if incrementally, as time goes on.

Or something like that.

So, that's the latest.

And I am still drugged up but good (bad?), so again, the usual caveats apply. Will let you know you know what, if anything, I learn tomorrow.

xo from Boston, the land o' beans and delays,



Mary Chapin said...

Hi Ann,
I've been following your blog for a while now. Must be frustrating to be stuck at Mass General. I could take a day off from my "corporate droning" (as Jennifer calls it) to help with driving or pay a visit, so let me know.
In the meantime I wanted to share from my new book of 18th century Zen poetry (these are all separate poems):

The Camellia tips,
the remains of last night's rain
splashing out.

Sweet springtime showers,
and no words can express
how sad it all is

Head pillowed on arm,
such affection for myself!
and this smoky moon

The late evening crow
of deep autumn longing
suddenly cries out

From the Great Buddha's
great nose, a swallow comes
gliding out

The old dog listens
intently, as if to the
worksongs of the worms

He glares back at me
with an ugly, surley face
this old pond frog

Anne Pratt said...

Thursday works for me! I'm following along, and will be here to lend a hand when you do get home. Except when I'm in Florida! (3/29 - 4/2)rolly