Saturday, March 13, 2010

Turn the day around

This day certainly perked up a bit after the morning coffee debacle.

Dear NYC friends Val and Joan landed mid-morning, bearing food groups and nonsense (a wind-up chicken that dispenses bubble gum out of its bum--who doesn't need one of those?). They're also avid travelers, which meant they had a lot to talk about with my friend Keitheley (always nice when friends who don't know each other find common ground, and quickly).

Keitheley was able to stay through lunch, which we had just down the street. Good thing there are so many good restaurants close by, for the weather has been ridiculous. Rain, rain and more rain--though I should be grateful. Joan heard that if this rain were snow we'd have over 20 inches of the stuff to contend with, and with my shuffle-off-to-Buffalo approach to walking, that might be the end o' me and mobility.

Anyway, after lunch Joan and Val and I headed back to my home away from home, and they showed me slides from their Hawaii trip (yes, the trip I was supposed to join them on, but let's not dwell). They then went to pick up that Rx that I want to have on hand but pray I never need to use, which was a load off my mind.

We gabbed through the afternoon (a recurrent theme with yours truly, apparently), then headed to dinner to another lovely Italian spot called Figs. Delicious, though I am feeling beached-whale-ish at the moment. (And no, I can't blame this on the steroids.)

We sat around and talked some more, then Val and Joan headed off to give me some quiet alone time. I will try to go to sleep "naturally" soon, but I am on increased steroids over the weekend, so fear I may need to try another of my mother's little helpers. The body sure is tired, but the brain--she's on some sort of hyperdrive, and not exactly open to reason, at least where sleep is concerned.

But despite a rude beginning, this day did turn around but good, and I'm looking forward to more time with Val and Joan tomorrow, before they head back to the City.

Love from my little corner of Boston, Ann


Val said...

For those who would like to experience the wind up chicken, it can also dispense jelly beans out of its bum (as it walks), and we wanted to have it dispense the chocolate covered coffee beans but Ann vetoed that idea---thought it would be too disgusting (Joan agrees). The little chick (yet to be named) did give us a laugh!

Ann may think she looks like a pear but she's still as cute as ever, and "pear" shaped did not even enter my thoughts when I saw her!

Anne said...

Hi Ann -

Shwea sends her regards. She was patient with me as I limped my way through the details of her recipe, and I gave her a stroll in the back as well as the hour-later walk. I brought Sprocket along for the walk (safely locked in the car until Shwea was outdoors and leashed). She ignored him almost completely, but her back was up a bit for the first moment or two. Didn't stop her from meandering on her walk and running across the lawn when I let her off the leash. Treat awaits! Run! She now recognizes me as a treat-offerer, so I am greeted with joy when I come to your house. It's very sweet!