Thursday, March 11, 2010

Out of the Big House!

I am sitting in my new digs, a sweet little flat across the street from the hospital that has been "home" for a week.

Hard to believe I landed there a week ago, but I did--my, time flies......

But the big news is I'm out of my johnnie and into casual clothes, my hospital ID is in the trash and I am just hanging out on the couch watching a rebroadcast of "Charlie Rose" in my combination kitchen/sitting room. Plus, the transfusions had the desired effect, and I feel much less reedy, more substantial today. Have walked a great deal, and feel okay about it all.

Happy day!

Of course, we had a glitch. My first room was on the third floor, but then the elevator broke. I may be able to go down three flights of stairs right now, but up? Not remotely possible, at least w/o a Sherpa. Karen was sure I was going to be moving to the Holiday Inn, but they found me a room on the first floor (closer to the morning coffee and croissants!), so all has been forgiven.

Karen also made certain that I had a fully-stocked kitchen before she left (anyone surprised by that?). We also discovered that there's a delightful gourmet store just around the corner--and they have good-for-you-things and treats that will likely be my siren song this coming week.

I never have been a model of moderation where delicious food is concerned, but now that I'm on steroids, ALL BETS ARE OFF.

Speaking of which, I crossed a weight line this morning I swore I would never cross. So much for that, eh?

Worrying about my weight now seems just plain idiotic, don't you agree? (If you don't, please be so kind as to keep that to yourself, okay? Thanks.)

Today's bigger news is I'm out of the hospital and Karen is wending her way home to her dear Sky--and I feel much better than I did just a couple of days ago.


Well, my room service has landed, so close I must.

Sign me: Very grateful to be signing off from a couch and not a hospital bed, Ann

P.S.: Extra dose of gratitude to Mary and Melanie and all the fine friends tending the Bombshell in my absence--it's been a week since I've seen her, and it helps to know she's being looked after so beautifully while I'm here. Love to you all!


claudia said...

Way cool!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolyn said...

Glad to hear it-- I was starting to think I was going to need to send a cake with a file in it!

Carol Krigbaum said...

I'm glad you're sprung, but seriously, WTF? Last time we spoke, this was not the plan....How long do you believe to be in your new digs and can you give me the address so I can send you something to pass the time?

PJ said...

Hiya Kiddo....

Glad to hear you are feeling better and out of the hospital.

Only up from here!!!