Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let's hope this is a, er, passing trend.....

Delicacy alert: The following post has to do with my business end, so to speak, so the delicate among you (one never knows) may want to skip this post.

As I already reported, I had a terrible row with constipation in the hospital, and ended up taking a series of things (concluding with suppositories I will forever refer to as "bottle rockets") to ensure I'd get back on track. Ultimately, all began to do what it was supposed to, and I am now on a regularity regimen that worked wonders for a dear friend who was once up a similar digestive tree.

All appeared to be working fine till this a.m., which I hope was just "one of those things" that pop up as one is calibrating the fine, delicate balance of one's systems.

Wandered over to the breakfast bar in the hotel lounge for a morning joe and cheese danish (yes, cheese danish!). Sat and ate it in the lounge, as Keitheley is still resting, and I enjoy a chance to stare out into space (even onto Storrow Drive on a gray March day) with the best of them.

Well, I got up to get another cup of coffee, and felt something a little awry in my undies and then an updraft of aroma I usually associate with my friends in the three-and-under set, Chloe and Isaiah.

I'll spare you the details, but when I returned to my room and investigated, I had made a wee mess o' things in my underpants.

Getting a cup of coffee? Yikes!!

So, pear-shaped and pooped-panted, I present you Ann Podolske!

The glamor of illness cannot be overstated, folks.

Hope you have a much more tidy day! xo, Ann

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Rick said...

Reading everyday! Thanks for sharing!