Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back--I think--on track

Fell off the planet a short while there, sorry. I really, really felt lousy, then I felt worse. Then I slept for a number of days, waking only when my brother arrived from D.C. (Who knew Lew had healing powers?) Before I came to, a team of doctors at MassGeneral put me through my paces. I have had a number of procedures that I would be hard-pressed to explain. My blood has been repeatedly tested and filtered and I have received several blood and platelet transfusions and more are in my future. My system is under siege, basically, and will be for a while.

As for here on out, my hematologist's nurse practitioner put my status thusly: "Ann is metabolically extraordinarily busy."

I've had a number of roommates, each of whom is facing a far more difficult diagnosis than I. That helps keep things in some perspective, but still, feeling like (expletive deleted) puts one's compassion to the test. Or maybe it puts it on the back porch? Mother Theresa's legacy has no worries where I'm concerned, let us say.

The good news, as always, is that my friends have shown up big time again. Besides Lew, Val, Joan, Karen, Pastor Andrea and Mary have been on hand offering help and support, root beer and sweetness.

Nurse just arrived, time for pills, more tomorrow.


Pat Basche said...

I'd call you but I think I'd start crying. I was really worried that you hadn't posted any snarfy comments since Sunday. Glad to see you are maybe back on track. Massive love to you,

Pat Basche

Rick said...

Root beer AND a view?!

Rebecca Weber said...

You sound like you used to when I first started reading your blog. I am so glad. Here's wishing you good days. I missed your sarcasm and funny remarks.