Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another "we shall see" season

Hard to really say what's happening right now. While some of my numbers are improving, it seems some very important digits are not moving exactly where they're supposed to move.

The numbers revolve around my kidneys and their function, which remain impaired for now. The good news is they expect it all to get better, but it appears to be taking longer than they thought.

But I'm not supposed to worry, so let's work on that, shall we?

The biggest downside of today's news is that it may prevent me from moving out of the hospital and into my lovely local guest lodge tomorrow. Karen and I took a stroll over there today (it was more of a trek for me, who hasn't really had a proper walk for days now), and it appears ideal for my purposes. The room is small, but has a separate bedroom, a sitting area (with pull-out sofa), kitchenette, flat screen TV, and full bath--and free wireless, so my natterings can continue. And it's all of a 15-minute walk to my radiation treatments, on a street with tons of restaurants and is solid as a rock--I will be very surprised if I hear a peep from my "neighbors" in the place.

The move to the lodge matters most to me for it means that Karen can cease her caregiver duties here and get back home to her dear Sky. That would make me happy, even though Karen assures me she is where she wants to be.

My heavens, such friends I have, eh?! For all the questionable developments in my life of late, I have been blessed in many ways that matter, and for that I am grateful.

And there is a chance my numbers could go in a good direction tomorrow and all this worrying could be for naught, so let's not get ahead of ourselves (sorry I'm dragging self talk into here, but my brain retains info better if it sees it in print).

On other fronts, my friend Hilary made sure the plumbing inspector could "bless" my new hot water heater at home, and for that I am very grateful.

She also gave dear Shwea a lot of attention, which was good of her. Of course, Hilary has known the Bombshell since she was a pup, so I think it meant a little more to my favorite furball.

Well, supper has landed, so close I must. Am hoping my next post will be from the guest house, but we'll manage no matter what.

Lest I forget, the radiation is doing its job--the tech there noted I seemed far less stiff today than when he saw me on Friday--so there's still good to report. With love from still sunny and beautiful Boston, Ann


claudia said...

Oh, for heavens sake! You must feel like Yo-Yo Woman - good news, bad news, no news! My feeling is that 18 years from now you will be "walking the dog" either via a yo-yo or a four-legged one. At the Guest quarters do meals get delivered?? You're probably antsy to get out of Mass General and into a more "normal" environment (although I always enjoyed having nurses around!!8-)

Anne Pratt said...

Your spirit shines through this rather dismal ordeal; I'm amazed at your ability to endure and to endure with an unending sense of humor! I hope the guest house is comfortable and that you put out a call for as many (or as few) visits and calls as you'd like. I am going to learn how to feed Shwea and then do the delayed walking, a new step in becoming Shwea-certified!