Saturday, March 20, 2010

Only fooling!

I'm not home today after all, friends. Instead, I spent the night at MGH and will likely be here until Monday or Tuesday.

Oh well.

My last radiation treatment was this morning, too, which took a whole lot more gumption than anything I've had to do so far (yes, including the nasal yeows). The lower back pain decided to shoot up when I got flat, which meant held my breath through most of the zaps, and hope I don't have anything like like that on my menu for a long, long time, if ever. Color me wuss? Feel free!!

The head of the myeloma program here came by to give me an overview of my new pain approach, and to remind me that once the treatment starts getting my dear bone marrow back on line, pain management will be easier (in about a month's time or thereabouts).

FYI, this was written under the influence of more drugs than Heinz has pickles, and I apologize for any lack of vim and vigor in speech/clarity/what-all.

What's a gal to do, right?

May the Beantown stupor be short-lived--xo, Ann

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Anne Pratt said...

What courage! Sprocket and I were lurking nearby, hoping to catch a glimpse of you coming home, but this explains why you weren't there. We hope to see you soon!