Sunday, July 24, 2005

What did Shwea do to deserve this?!

This morning, Shwea could not get out of (or, more accurately, off of) bed. Her back left leg was completely out of commission. When Linda and I foisted her off the bed, she collapsed.

We eventually got her outside, though her paw--on her other back leg--started to bleed again. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

I gave her a Tylenol, as I been told to do by our vet in the past (see the wisdom of that below), and eventually, she was able to hop around and relieve herself.

That was a relief for us all.

Then I called the emergency vet, though this time it was a much more local (than Springfield) vet--just across the bridge, in Hadley. That vet told me that Tylenol is poison to dogs, and that I should only give my dogs aspirin from here on in.

(Will be calling my vet tomorrow to see why they suggested I poison my dogs, not to worry.)

Anyway, she was able to see us this morning at 10:00, and after a thorough examination, the vet said (if I'm recalling correctly) that the two most likely scenarios are (1) Shwea might have injured a ligament, or (2) Shwea is developing more severe arthritis. She gave us some pain meds (okay, they're just for the dogs--me, I could use a sedative, truth be told), and said if she doesn't stop tucking her bad leg up in three days' time, I need to bring her to her new vet for x-rays.

Yeah, that's just what the old semi-employment budget needs, but you know I'll do it. (Call me crazy, but I would sell my car to make sure my pups get the care they need.)

My goddess, for all the pain Shwea is in, she just hobbled into my office so she could be near her momma--how could anyone not respond to, much less reward, such devotion?

What a way to start a day, eh? Especially a day after a rather (for me) late night--I didn't get into bed until around 11:30, and since I got up around 6:00, I'm feeling a little cheated. Depleted, even. Perhaps a nap will be in order soon.

As for why I was up past my bedtime, it was so Jennifer and I could go to the open mic in Worcester, which was in a part of town that, well, the word seedy was meant for. The regulars were not what you'd call sophisticated comedy buffs, and they proceeded to play pool and talk loudly during the show, sometimes interrupting the comic (as happened to poor Jennifer, who was trying to time her set in prep for tonight's debut at The Comedy Studio, for heaven's sake).

Doing a set under those conditions is better than practicing in one's bathroom, but not by much. However, the comics were all very good-natured about it all, and we did all do our best to rise to the occasion and not take it personally. And the comic running the room was a good guy, so you know, we may be back there again--a comic in need of stage time is a desperate thing.

Tonight, happily, is not a desperate situation--we're heading to the hallowed Comedy Studio so Miss Jennifer can perform. I'm not on the slate, but am going along to offer moral support and to help make the drive less tedious--and she is returning the favor next week, bless her comic heart. It will be fun to just take in the atmosphere without the heart palpitations of knowing one will have to perform. Plus, this has been a pretty darn draining weekend, with two nights of comedy and lots of driving/riding in a row--not to mention the shock of a disabled furry love of my life.

Realized this morning (before the fur hit the fan) that I don't think I'd be able to do three nights of comedy in a row without having a lot of recovery time afterwards. Tonight I won't be in bed anytime near 11:30, so expect tomorrow to be more challenging than the usual Monday.

We shall see.....

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