Friday, July 08, 2005

My days of "bouncing back" are behind me

When did I start to need more than one day to recover from one late night? When??

I used to be up till all hours of the night (or early morning, to be more precise) on a regular basis. What's worse, I would also be drinking heavily on these late nights, and still I would "recover" more quickly than I am so far from my Big Comedy Night Out in Cambridge. On Wednesday night, for heaven's sake.

Understood being less than perky yesterday, but I'm dragging my amorphous ass around again today, even though I got into bed at a (relatively) civil hour last night. Well, actually, if I'm honest with myself, I'm usually in bed well before last night's 11:30 landing, so perhaps that does have something to do with it. There were just SO MANY COMICS at Jennifer's show last night, we were all lucky to get out of there before midnight.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course. Managed to get an okay set off last night (good thing, for friends showed up, and that was marvelous); that said, I think my body can't take much more comedy. At least not on top of my "day" job. Luckily, there is no more comedy for me for a while--not until the 22nd, if I'm reading my calendar correctly. And then, on the 24th, I go with Jennifer to Boston for her debut at The Comedy Studio, as a good comedy buddy should.

By then, I should be all better.

On the job front, I heard from two more places that I didn't get the job. One didn't surprise me; one hurt, if only a little. The one that hurt would have entailed a commute into the Boston area, and the more I think about that, the less I like it.

However, I also enjoy holding up my end of things here at home, so I may need to get over myself on this front. We shall see.

And, lastly, I bid a fond farewell to Pine Needles Coffee Emporium & Eatery in Marlborough, CT. Rumor has it they were purchased by Dunkin' Donuts, which, no doubt, will remove the fabulous moose decor. Hope they don't remove the tree from the middle of the shop, but you know how those corporate outfits are....

Had a few performances there, and remember most quite fondly.


But, I am seeing more comedy action on my horizon than I have in ages, so I guess all's not doom and gloom....

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