Monday, July 11, 2005

Is this a pathetic pup, or what?

This is Shwea this morning, posing with her hot-pink bandage. Thought it would be festive, but I don't think it works. Oh well, we're off to see the vet on Wednesday, and perhaps she will soon be footloose and fancy free...or a lab mix equivalent.

On other fronts, I did finally figure out how to work my new DVD burner, though the fact that it requires another DVD burner to work really bothers me. And the fact that I bought a new PC and laptop earlier this year and could have easily ordered said burner had I really thought about my computing needs for a minute-and-a-half irritates me more.

But buying any big-ticket item sends me into a spasm of research and analysis that is so intense I'm lucky if I end up with ANYTHING, so I must cut myself some slack. And soon. Besides, I got the copy I needed to enter a comedy contest in plenty of time, so the crisis has passed.

Speaking of crises, it looks like I may actually finish my latest project, if not on time, reasonably so. Since I lost so much time last week to the Shwea emergency, I asked my editor for an extension and bless her heart, she gave me what I asked for--that is a wonderful thing.

Tonight, I'm taking two community college classes: How to Run a Home-Based Business, and Getting Yourself Published. Dunno what, if anything, I'll gain from this, but I think I will feel as though I'm doing something productive.

And that is a rare and wonderful thing, let me tell you.

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