Thursday, July 07, 2005

More good news

Looks like our gal Shwea just needs to shed a few pounds (don't we all?) and toughen up a little (ditto). Well, her paws should be toughened by walking more sidewalks--that and a little weight loss might help reduce the Dramatic Cut Syndrome we go through each year. In sum: The vet thought her paw looked normal, and a biopsy and x-ray and so forth would show a whole lotta nothin' (my phrasing, not his). What a relief!

Oh, and as a friend of mine thought I should explain, Shwea is pronounced SHWEE-ah and is Arabic for "little bit" or "little." It's one of the few words I learned after living in Morocco for two years (yes, I should be ashamed of myself), for whenever anyone asked me if I spoke Arabic, my reply was typically, "Shwea." To break things up, I also replied, "Mashee bizeff" (MAH-she B'zeff), which means "not a lot," but that's no name for a dog.

Plus, look at that magnificent mutt--if she doesn't look like a Shwea, I don't know who does (and yes, I'd name an elephant "Tiny").

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