Monday, July 18, 2005

Couldn't I just win the lottery or something?

I know, I know--it's bad enough our top-level government officials scorn the notion of "reality-based" information (much less truth-based governance), I can't afford to jump on the "Expecting a miracle any day now" bandwagon, too.

Just didn't realize what a charmed existence I was leading until recently--no worries of the financial sort, just the usual mix of existential dread and quiet hopes for a more meaningful existence, someday.... Well, someday is now--or perhaps it never will be, and I'm just telling myself I'm on the cusp of something fabulous so I won't stumble on the reality that I'm actually on a precipice where my finances are concerned and am thisclose to falling over the side.

A financial precipice isn't as scary as others I could be teetering on, and for that I am grateful. I don't think my mortal soul is in peril at the moment, for I'm feeling no desire to do anything that would threaten my sobriety (and for me, sobriety is the key to my soul, to put it mildly). It's key to everything, come to think of it.

The good news of the week is I have a benefit on Friday--true, it's at an Elk's Club, but hey, I get 15 minutes--and an open mic on Saturday. Sunday, I ride with Jennifer to Boston, where she gets her fabulous self on the stage of The Comedy Studio for the first (and certainly not the last) time. It will be a wonderful weekend of comedy, this I am counting on.

Now, if I could just find something useful to do with myself until then.....

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