Friday, July 29, 2005

Well, I've had my morning workout...

Today is interview day, as well as take-Linus-to-the-groomer's day (Shwea's paw sprang a leak again last night, so she's sitting this one out).

Guess which one was more fraught? So far, getting Linus to the groomer's. While I was inside seeing if the coast was clear, he figured out why we were there. Being the manly man that he is (ie., allergic to soap), he rebelled. First, he hopped in the front (yes, driver's) seat of the car--always a bad sign. Next, he resisted getting out of the car, and then he absolutely fought going into the groomer's shop. Thanks to this dog, I will never have any trouble grasping the expression "digging in one's heels." He does it professionally--with all four of them. Very effective.

I have a choke chain (well, it's cloth, so as not to be as brutal as the metal varieties, or so I hope) for the purpose of overriding such rebellions, but today it was as ineffectual as Leave No Child Behind. It took three people--me and two groomers--to get him into the shop, and even that was a struggle. A man watching us even came by to offer his assistance, for heaven's sake.

The only good thing in all of the hubbub is that Linus never growled or showed his teeth. He may hate bathing, but he kept to the non-violent resistance route, and for that I will always be grateful. My not-so-little pacifist!

Now I need to get my professional work samples together, take a shower, and prepare to drive to my interview. After this morning's events, I'm feeling a little worn out, but calm.

Not a bad mindset for an interview, say I.

Now, if I could just figure out how to keep Shwea's paw from bleeding and shave 30 seconds off my set for The Studio tomorrow night, all would be swell.

There is, indeed, always something.

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