Thursday, July 28, 2005

Maybe the cheddar line should stand...

Just realized I've known I don't have the music in me for a while--I just re-realized it thanks to the e-mail.

Wonder how many times I've "realized" something in this blog (or heaven help me, elsewhere, where people pay attention), only to have realized it before. Maybe even more than once before.

Egads--that's just sad. Well, humbling, at the very least. And isn't being an "oops!", alcoholic, asthmatic, semi-employed, middle-aged, Midwestern, a miserable failure as a Peace Corps volunteer, and formerly Catholic enough humility for one lifetime?

Apparently not.

Was thinking about taking out the line in my set where I say I'm not the sharpest cheddar in the cheese haus, but I think the cheesehead still fits. So I'll wear it.

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