Thursday, July 07, 2005

Success on The Comedy front!

Thank goddess, the show at The Comedy Studio went well--so well, in fact, I've been invited back to perform on a Saturday (July 30th, in case you're wondering). Happily, Rick Jenkins was much more affable in person than in e-mail, so a lot of my fears regarding last night were for naught.

So what else is new? Most, if not all, of my fears turn out to be for naught.

Not only that, I got a DVD of myself out of the deal, which I can send to comedy contests and such.

Last but not least, my comedy buddy Jennifer Myszkowski got herself a spot, too, on July 24th.

Let's hear it for the Western Mass Women Comics Association (no, there is no such thing)! Woo!

There's no way of knowing what, if anything, will come of all of this, but after all the professional rejection I've been up against lately, a little positive comedy feedback has been a tonic. I feel wonderful, even though I went to bed a little after 2:00 (to say that's past my bedtime is what they call a "masterpiece of understatement").

Today would have been perfect, if not for the horrible news out of London. My heart goes out to the people there, and I worry about my friends in NYC and other "target" cities. May goddess/God/HP/Whomever help us all.

Now, I must get back to work. There is a little matter of a deadline tomorrow, not to mention a dog with a disintegrating bandage who needs to see a vet in about an hour.

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