Monday, July 25, 2005

Shwea walks! Jennifer kills!

Yesterday was a day that started off awful but ended up great. While I was in Boston waiting for my sandwich, Linda called to tell me that Shwea, the unable-to-walk dog of the morning, was walking. Hooray! She still favors her leg a little, but nothing like she did yesterday. A miracle of science!! Hooray x 2!!

And my comedy buddy Jennifer Myszkowski did Western Mass proud last night--she killed at The Comedy Studio, and I think she was the best of the bunch. She certainly maintained the hilarity level throughout her set, which is more than most of the comics could do.

We also did a little post-show schmoozing, which was awkward, as it was very noisy in the bar and I didn't know most of the people there--and you know, I was feeling a bit drained by that time, having been up past my bedtime three nights in a row (the mind may be willing, but the body is having none of it). And I really didn't feel "part of" the post-show, for I hadn't performed. Yes, this gal can get self-conscious at the drop of a hat! (Keep wondering how old I have to be for this miserable shyness to fade away--am beginning to think "dead" is how old I'll have to be. Yup, dead.)

Anyway, I also found myself getting really anxious about next Saturday's show--I guess Rick (Jenkins, The Studio's fearless leader) telling me that Saturdays always sell out didn't help--and am going to prepare myself to the point where I will be nervous by choice, not because I'm unprepared.

Well, now I have some paid work to do, thank you very much (my freelance business is beginning to show signs of life), so off for more coffee I go.....

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