Saturday, May 01, 2010

Alley Oop, Oop, Oop, Oop-Oop

This morning I was enjoying a fabulous breakfast (waffles with blueberries and turkey bacon on the side--heaven!), when I noticed a curly obstruction in my line of sight. At first I was afraid I was having a recurrence of an eye problem I had in the hospital, but then it became clear that the obstruction was an exterior problem, an eyebrow run amok.

Upon closer inspection, I was slightly aghast to see that my eyebrows had decided to let their inner freak fly, and my browline was giving Andy Rooney (not to mention Alley Oop) a run for the money.

So, I tidied things up, but thanks to the mirror noted that my face is covered with a peach fuzz that I'm guessing is steroid-related. Nice touch, that. But then, my face is no longer covered with an angry red rash, so this qualifies as an improvement in my book.

Vanity is never one's friend, but when one is on more drugs than Heinz has pickles, vanity is just a heartache waiting to happen.

Still, I am feeling pretty darn well today, even though it was a no-steroid day. Yesterday was supposed to be my "go get 'em!" day, but steroids or not, I was too tired to do much of anything. While I had all sorts of plans, I didn't do much but feed myself and Shwea and nap. Sheesh! Today, on the other hand, I have already deforested my brows and took a walk around the house. Not bad....

Alas, I wish I knew today was going to be a "good day" sooner. I might be at our local Pride March now instead. It's a gorgeous day, and I bet my GLBT friends are having a grand old time. Think this may be the first Pride I've missed since we moved here in '96, but I hope to be back next year. In honor of the day, I'm wearing an ancient rainbow t-shirt and my purple Crocs. And, of course, thinking gay thoughts as often as I can (I listened to Joan Armatrading this morning for extra inspiration).

Yes, I think gay thoughts every day, but one does what one can.

And for those of you who inquired about Shwea, she's doing much better, thanks. Her vet reports her infection/cold appears to be going away (if not gone) thanks to the meds she's on, and except for an occasional cough is her old self. If the cough doesn't go away by Monday or Tuesday, we may be getting her an x-ray or two, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. All and all, the Bombshell is much improved--hooray!

So yes, it's a good day all around, and I hope you're enjoying it, too. Love from us both, Ann


Rebecca Weber said...

Your comment on your eyebrow is PRICELESS! I remember when I was on so much prednisone and my face was covered with fine hair. I was horrified. You sound so good and I am so glad you are doing ok but sorry you did not get out today. Blessings to you.

claudia said...

vanity is just a heartache waiting to happen

claudia said...

Oops! I forgot to include anything else in my quote can see just how much I think that should go down in the annals of...something!!!LOVE IT! And glad you have had such a good day that you regretted not knowing sooner! I think wearing a rainbow shirt, old tho' it is, is a fine way to celebrate (although had you hung yourself - wearing the shirt that is - from a flag pole that would have given just a tad more excitement to the day!!!!!!!!!!) Let's hope you get more days like today!

Val said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better than yesterday, even with a unibrow and peach fuzz!

Maybe you can watch some L Word reruns in honor of pride day. Nothing like a lusting after Jennifer Beals to make one feel so ALIVE!

We'll see you tomorrow afternoon.....
love ya-

Val (and Joan- who doesn't appreciate my Beals infatuation and thinks dear Jennifer has a "horse face")

Jennifer Myszkowski said...

As a fairly hirsute individual, I can say with some surity that tending errant eyebrows can be a bit of a sisyphean task. May the wind be at your back, friend.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Hope you keep feeling better every day.