Thursday, May 27, 2010

The timing is good

Happily, my transfusions came to pass today, and I felt a boost afterward that carried me to lunch with Mary afterwards. We went to Bread Euphoria (my second time this week), which is fabulous.

My dear onc was supposed to see me while in the hospital, but he had to reschedule for tomorrow. He did have good news, so I don't mind--they drew blood before the transfusions and the numbers I need up to have some radiation were kind enough to go up!

So, tomorrow I have my first local radiation appointment, and while that's an odd thing to be happy about, I am. My lower back has begun to hurt more than a little, and in my limited experience, radiation reduces tumor pain nicely. The pain patch that was doing the trick is losing some of its power over the pain being generated by the growing tumors, so I'm trying a little of the morphine they prescribed for "break-through" pain (why they need these terms I can't tell you). Anyway, I took some earlier this week and it made me feel loopy and lousy (L&L), even though I shaved the suggested dose down quite a bit. Decided I'd rather hurt a little than feel L&L, you know? But today it hurt enough I tried another, smaller, dose, and I think it's helping. And no loops. (Well, out of the ordinary.)

Speaking of such things, my onc removed a pill from my ridiculously long roster today, which is welcome news. Taking pills seems to take up a lot of my day, so one less down the hatch is welcome.

Well, that's the big news. Hope you've had some good news yourself, and I'll have more coming soon. Hey, you never know. XO, Ann and Shwea


Val said...

So glad to hear your numbers are cooperating so they can attack those tumors! Will call you over the weekend.


claudia said...

Yay for numbers rising!!! And yay for lessening of at least one pill...anything and everything helps! Will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping the radiation will help the pain so you don't have to "shave" a little morphine.
hugs, Claudia

Anonymous said...

Happy to read the good news!

Good numbers, radiation coming up, pills going down . . . here's to less pain with or without morphine!

Hope to see you tomorrow.