Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another good day

The drug I'm taking to reduce swelling appears to be working, for I woke up with even smaller feet than yesterday (hooray!). Still larger than usual, but I didn't feel as though I was lifting such serious weight when getting out of bed this a.m., which is good.

Slept late, for it is a perfect day for it--gray and overcast. Right now it's raining, which means holding down furniture is the job for now. I did take a slight walk out to the mailbox (woo!) after lunch, but that was about it. Tomorrow features a series of appointments in Boston, so I'm enjoying today's sloth while I may.

Barbara's in the kitchen making some sort of chicken curry deliciousness for dinner, Carmella's got a phone interview, and Shwea is snoozing (she's had supper already, what else should she be doing?). She had a rough day, as she and Max had a brief "discussion" during lunch that was upsetting for us all, but they seem to have worked things through for now--Shwea never did share for beans, even when she had a full-time brother, Linus. He deferred to her in all things, but Max hasn't learned that's the best way to go around here, and I don't expect him to--I think it's good for my Bombshell to have to share a little, even if she doesn't think so. (She'd be dialing the MSPCA if she could, this I know.)

As for me, I've been looking at TVs on the Internet, as I think I'd like to set up one in the back bedroom, but am having a heck of a time choosing a size/type of TV. It's crazy out there! Anybody have any suggestions regarding brands or sizes (I'm guessing HDTV is a must), do tell. I'm thinking 32 inch Sony Bravia right now, but am open to suggestion.

On other fronts, Val reports that United Airlines allowed me to cancel another flight due to illness, bless their hearts. I was supposed to visit my Aunt Lib in Nebraska during a family get-together this weekend, but as we know, circumstances rather got in the way of that plan. She's my mother's last living sibling, and is a hoot, so I'm sorry to miss this trip. And don't ask me if I feel worse about this trip than missing California and Hawaii in February--that wouldn t be fair.

So, that's the scoop for today. Hope all's well where you are, too, xo, Ann & Shwea


PJ said...

Checking in on you my friend...nice to hear the chipper in your voice. I am thrilled you are feeling better and that you have all the help you need.

Peg say hello too....


Val said...

We did LOTS of research in December on TV's because we bought 2 new ones. We boiled it down to LG and Samsung. We ended up buying 2 Samsungs and are happy with them. Joan told me she saw an ad that someone is having a sale on Samsungs. Can't recall if it's Sears, Best Buy etc....