Thursday, May 13, 2010

The story--as far as I know it (consider the source)

Today was a parade--of doctors, medical students, fellows, friends, calls, clergy and a member of my own dear family. Like a parade, there was often too much going on to take in, so I don't think I'm going to even try to describe much in the way of details. The brain, she just doesn't work that way today--blame it on chemo (which I am currently hooked up to), blame it on overstimulation (note aforementioned parade), blame it on (infamous) Boston, whatever.

The most important development today was that I am going home tomorrow, but not with the special insert I mentioned yesterday. That's fine, as I'd rather be home than have the tube or whatever it is. Instead, they're going to clear out whatever needs clearing out tomorrow and send me home with an outpatient appointment for the official installation on Tuesday.

Next week, I also meet with my local oncologist to get my hometown chemo and radiation plan in place. My doc in Boston has pretty much signed me over to my Northampton doc, but as I understand it, the two hospitals have a consultation agreement which means they will keep in touch with one another as needed, and my Boston doc was kind enough to say they would love to see me. Sweet.

In sum, since the disease is so darn wily and pernicious, I'm finding myself on a different path--having treatment to improve my quality of life instead of going for remission gold. Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann
You are in my thoughts. I send good wishes and lots of prayers.
Kathy Bowler

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are going home. The bombshell will be sooo happy to have you back.

You have truly been blessed with many loving friends there for you.


Paula, who is trying to decide if she should go to the Detroit Hoe Down this week-end. Is that an oxymoron or what.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ann,

You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Glad you get to go home to your pup. I am sure she will be glad to have you home where she can keep a better eye on you!!

Betsy Larson

Pat said...

You are in my thoughts constantly. I love you.

Pat Basche

Anonymous said...

Ann OMG!!!

I have been out of the loop and just recently learned about your situation. I just can not believe it! My heart and prayers are with you. Thanks to Sarah for giving me your blog address.

I'm glad to hear that you are going home. There is nothing like home and you will be much more confortable with your pup and all friends.

Terry Sheldon