Saturday, February 20, 2010

Treatment #4 done!

Went to Boston for just my infusion today--no lab work, no doc visit, nada--so it was a fairly brisk business. Was given a ride by Kathleen K from church, who landed me there in plenty of time, happily.

My nurse, Andrea, not only had family in Wisconsin but also lived in Northampton during her college years, so we had plenty to chat about.

Of course, when do I not have plenty to chat about?

Came home to a phone call from my local clinic, avid to check my blood levels (this blood thinning business is fraught, as you may know). So, I drove myself there (I needed to drive my car, what can I say?) and on the way home stopped at Friendly's for takeout (grilled cheese with tomato and french fries--Shwea was thrilled, too).

Then I received a hilarious update on the life and times of my friend Jennifer Myszkowski, and now I'm getting ready to watch some streaming comedies courtesy of Netflix (what a great invention).

So, all and all, today has been a good day, and I am feeling fairly good. It's a steroid day, of course, which certainly helps.

I'm not going to quibble. Good is good.

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