Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just when you thought things couldn't get any more interesting.....

Well, the stomach flu that I couldn't completely shake is multiple myeloma, people.

Really?! Really.

I've been told not to look at the web for information, and hope you'll do the same. For most of it offers far more dire predictions for the likes of me than likely reflect reality.

What one doctor said gives me the most hope. He said that while Linda may have had about 18 months, there is a very good chance I'll have 18 years--maybe more.

So, that's not so terrible, is it?

I didn't think so, either.

Oh, and if today's treatment doesn't work, there are many more FDA-approved treatments in the ready, and more in the research pipeline.

One last bit of optimistic business. The premier research and treatment facility for multiple myeloma? I'm sitting in it.

So, here's to success, and to me being a going concern for a great while longer.

All good from the land of open johnnies, Ann


claudia said...

Good grief, woman!! I am struck dumb (many say this happens to me more often than it should!) by your news. God bless Mass General for being only 2 hours away! I will heap prayers upon you, Ann, and your doctors. I look forward to seeing you at church one of these months. Oh, and watch those drafts as you gambol about in your open johnnie.
Hugs, Claudia

Korte said...

What can I say Ann? Your attitude is truly inspiring and the last year you had reminds that I literally have nothing to gripe about.

Thanks for sharing yourself so deeply and freely. (This is in now way an implication that you easy or trampy in the least.)

Your aces in my book, kid:)

Susan Patterson said...


Anonymous said...

to echo korte's sentiments, i am always grateful to you for keeping it real. i love your honesty and authenticity. my psych prof regaled us with some fun jonnie stories but his ulterior message was 'grab more than two before you get undressed!' with all my heart i send you love and warmest friendship.

PJ said...

Well sh*t....I so wished for some peace for you. Everybody needs to time to regroup.

Stay positive and strong....we are with you..

Pj and Peg