Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Make that four naps/day

Expected to feel tired this week, but this is an unexpected level of tired. I understand my dear carcass is undergoing a major, er, challenge, so fatigue makes sense.

Just wish I was better at lolling about than I am (and if asked I would have thought I would be really, really good at it--shows what I know!).

Still, I managed to go to Jo and Ann's (and Chloe and Isaiah's) last night, thanks to their very kind invite (and ride service). Good to be out and about with dear people, little and otherwise. We watched part of the "Wizard of Oz," and I got to see my homeboy, the Cowardly Lion, react to being swatted on the nose by Dorothy.

Never get tired of that.

Came home to a call from my cousin Pat, which was a nice surprise. She's in the midst of Wisconsin in February, so let us all think warm thoughts on her behalf. (You don't want to know what it's like out there now.)

Last night and today we had a big-ish storm, and I've been hearing loud "PLOP!" sounds on the roof all day. Sounds as though people are dropping boxes, but it's just the heavy white stuff landing above. My snow removal guy showed up (happy day!) and Karen was just here to get my order for CVS and the store. And to make me call my Boston doc, as I have had some chest congestion the past two days.

Happily, his office did not recommend anything involving an ED visit, and as long as I don't develop a fever, I should be okay waiting until Friday morning, when I see my new PCP. Whew!

So this qualifies as a good day.

The fun? It never ends.

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