Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's raining fruit

Woke up yesterday feeling a little beat up, still. Well, I tend to wake up that way every day, since my arm was manhandled by a blood pressure cuff at MassGeneral. The good news is that some Tylenol appears to do the trick in addressing it and my aching back (which may be from either sleeping "funny" or from all the time I've spent in seats with no back support of late).

Anyway, I also am off steroids for the week, which also gives me less vim and vigor to work with; am taking naps as my dear carcass demands, which is about twice a day right now.

Even so, I had a lovely visit from Karen yesterday, who called while she was shopping and brought me some nice things to eat (including vanilla ice cream and hot fudge, which I have been jonesing for for days now). Also was greeted in the morning by the delivery of an edible bouquet, courtesy of Tricia, a dear gal who I worked with for just a bit a Big Company. It was dear of her to think of me (and typical of her to send something healthy--she can't help herself 8-).

In the afternoon, Mary came by to take me out of a little something at Evolution Cafe before I had my blood test of the day. It was good to be "out," if you know what I mean, even if I feel as though I move a lot like the old man character that Arte Johnson portrayed in "Laugh In" ages ago.

No land speed records for this gal for a while, I have a feeling.

Speaking of records, I did make a big dent in the mail pile--that felt wonderful--and responded to some inquiries from my short-term disability provider and others who needed some info. Nice to feel almost/sort of caught up there. I also made the rounds in the back yard, cleaning up the evidence that Shwea's digestive tract is working just fine, thank you (and for that I am grateful). Figured it would be good to take care of that before the snow fell, if indeed it did.

Lastly, in the afternoon, a UPS man came by with two big boxes of Harry & David pears, courtesy of my sister Beth. He also came bearing a biscuit for Shwea, which was a hit, to put it mildly. (She will expect the same from all trucks from here on in, but that's how the Bombshell works).

Now, it's snowing--the weather guys called it right this time. I've already had one nap today, and if this keeps up, it might be a multi-nap kind of Tuesday.

So, all things considered, I'm okay. Hope you are, too.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ann- Yes, bodyguards were completely necessary to fend off the hugs that we and so many others wanted to give you @ HCC on Sunday. What a joy to see you there!

And next time you have a jones for a hot fudge sundae we have a killer recipe for sauce from Richard's childhood church (The White Church of Spencerport NY/ and yes, everyone was indeed White, very) cookbook, so just say the word.
Love and virtual hugs,

PJ said...

Hey Kiddo....glad to see things are going smoothly for you the last few days. Still wish you did not have to go thru this, but obviously it is not my call.

Just wanted you to know Peg and I are rooting for you daily.