Sunday, February 21, 2010

Things are looking up--still!

The day began with the great news from the local clinic that I no longer have to give myself a shot (in the stomach no less) twice a day--that alone would have been enough to make it a keeper!

That was followed by church, which was the usual love fest, but with a situation-specific twist. I attend a hug-happy church, which is marvelous 99.9% of the time, but since I have to be extra careful about germs these days (and I'm supposed to be careful not to get any of my chemo on/near anybody either), a "Don't hug Ann!" alert was issued.

Couple Bonnie and Alice were assigned as my "bodyguards," for pity's sake, and if you met those two, you know I was well protected.

Still, I was on the receiving end of many "air" hugs and kisses, and it was just great to be back to the loving, sweet confines of Haydenville Congregational Church after what I think was a four-week absence. Too long!

Then Hilary came by with a delicious lunch, and we had a great time catching-up (under Shwea's watchful eye; she landed some carrots for her hard work, not to worry).

A nap was in order next, and Shwea happily aided and abetted that cause.

Soon, I expect Barb and Deb to appear with fixin's for a good stir fry. We might watch an old movie, too (I'm thinking "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"--we shall see).

Oh, happy day!!!

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