Thursday, June 09, 2005

It's all practice, right?

Am heading off to a local temp agency this morning, to see what, if anything, this gal can do while she waits for the employers of the world to wake up to the fact that Ann Podolske is available. (That's today's line, and I'm sticking to it.)

I've done temp work in-between real jobs before, and find it helpful to be doing something each day instead of waiting for the phone to ring/e-mail to appear. Besides, I think making a little money would help keep the financial insecurity goblins at bay.

Problem is, the rep I spoke to said that her agency, like most in the area, is primarily a temp-to-hire agency, meaning they don't do so much in the way of temp work as in permanent placements.

If they placed writers/editors, that wouldn't be bad, but they place a lot of administrative/secretarial type folks, and while my mother did that kind of work for a large part of her life, I am not interested in maintaining her tradition of doing work that doesn't pay/challenge just for security's sake. She's the Child of the Depression, not me.

(At least that's today's line, and I'm sticking to it.)

Of course, if the employers of the world realize I'm available and still do nothing to procure my fabulous self (okay, I don't boast, but I just got three letters of recommendations from former colleagues and am basking in their high opinion of me--it'll pass, believe me), then I'll consider following in Mother's footsteps.

Best go get in my corporate drag du jour....

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