Friday, June 03, 2005

Could my latest editorial nightmare finally be over?

Ahhhh. I finally finished my latest deadline for my soon-to-be-part-time publisher.

This represents the triumph of financial necessity over the desire to tell said publisher to, in so many words, stick it.

I know, I know--the world's full of companies cutting back on employees and I am but one of many being put to pasture. Bahhh! But my mind, without my consent, keeps returning to bone-headed moves said publisher and other top executives made to bring about this sorry state of affairs, and it's made for some disgruntlement.

Okay, a lot of disgruntlement.

It certainly doesn't help that the world isn't beating a path to my door, employment-wise. Fear that I have crossed the line between "well qualified" and "over qualified" somewhere along the way (funny--it seems not that long ago that I was being told I didn't have enough qualifications at all). My, time sure flies.....

But, wouldn't you know, these things take time. I'm an aging enigma wrapped in a connundrum, people, but then again, I don't turn into a pumpkin anytime soon. So, I will keep sending off resumes and cover letters and waiting for the phone to ring. Patiently, of course.

On other fronts, I had a so-so set last night at PACE. It's been a tough week for comic thoughts, and it showed--to me, anyway. Some new stuff re being unemployed went over well, so we're getting a little gold from all of this dross.

Must go tidy up and prepare for the weekend--oh happy Friday!

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