Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Forty and counting....

Yes, sirree, I have 40 resumes out in circulation. Almost as many resumes as I have years on this earth, but am trying not to dwell.

And the response? Well, as I've noted already, not exactly encouraging.

Did revise my resume for each of the jobs I applied for this week, just to see if using a standard resume was working against me. Am also going to meet with a friend who works at a local college next week, to see what the possibilities are there. (As well as to get a sense of what salaries are like, not to mention the working environment and so on--there's one very expensive school in the area that's infamous fo paying absolute peanuts, so you can't be too careful.)

Yes, I'm networking. In a very low-key way. Low key in that I'm only "networking" (I call it "talking") with people I like.

Otherwise, I'm also trying to get geared up to clean the house. My inner hausfrau isn't exactly jumping up and shouting, "Let's go!" so it's been a struggle. It has to be done, however, for we're leaving the house and the herd to a petsitter this weekend, and I don't want her to think us complete slobs. (We can be, but we also have some pride.)

That we're heading down to Florida this weekend to visit Linda's parents is not exactly thrilling. But, if Linda can go to two funerals in Wisconsin in the dead of winter, I can head down to Florida during hurricane season. Right?

Boy, this is boring even me. Time to clean!

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