Monday, June 27, 2005

Back to, uh, work

Yes, I'm back from my week's vacation in the Berkshires, even though it wasn't exactly a week and it wasn't all spent in the Berkshires.

There were complications, and it appears that I am a veritable magnet for complications these days (semi-employment was only the beginning).

The first involved my brand-new car with the brand-new front tire. Well, the car is equipped with a warning light that denotes drastic tire pressure changes, and it kept lighting up on me last week. First, I called the dealer, and he suggested I simply reset the light.

That worked for about 20 miles, then the light went back on.

Call #2 forced a drive back to town, where the dealer then tried something else. He checked the air pressure on all four tires, and adjusted them so they all had the same pressure.

That worked for about 20 miles, then the light went on--yes, again.

The third time I drove in from my supposed vacation, they kept the car and gave me a loaner and promised this time they would fix the damn problem.

And they did. Know what it was? The new tire they put on was the wrong size.

As my brother (he who makes me look optimistic) observed, "Of course, one couldn't expect the dealer who SOLD YOU THE CAR to know what size tire belongs on it."

Based on the fact that (1) they put the wrong tire on a brand of car they sell and (2) it took them three tries to figure that out and (3) they didn't seem to give a rat's ass that they were befouling my vacation, I'm thinking I should find a new place to get my car serviced. (You THINK?!) It's really irritating, for if they had done something to show they understood they were putting me out--say, washed my car and/or filled the gas tank--maybe I wouldn't be thinking such thoughts, but right now, THEY'RE GETTING THE BOOT. Linda thinks I was too nice to them on the phone--like it's my job to be such a bitch they understand they're screwing me over? I don't know about that--I told them I was on vacation, I had to appear at their shop many times, I told them I was getting tired of this, blah, blah. Are they SO STUPID they need me to point out that they're screwing up? Please.

(So, if you know any Pontiac-approved service places in Western Mass. that actually know what they're doing, please let me know.)

The other complication was that I got a call regarding freelance job possibilities last week, and though I had sworn I was not doing anything work-related last week, I broke my pledge to go interview at a temp agency in Hartford who handles "creative" folks such as myself. I was operating under the delusion that my other temp agency might have work for me this week, so wanted to keep my calendar clear.

Of course, there is no work for me as of yet this week, so I broke my pledge for naught.

But the last complications were good, for Linda and I had two parties this weekend, when we usually have one every six months or so. I drove a total of five hours on Saturday to attend Val and Joan's 10-year anniversary, then yesterday we returned home from the Berkshires to attend our friend Jennifer's 30th birthday party.

The only fly in the ointment was that it was hot, desperately, humidly hot during both of these parties, and while I can stand pretty much anything Mother Nature throws at me heat-wise (my thermostat got permanently fried in Morocco), Linda wilted big-time. Well, she made it through most of Val and Joan's party, but by the time we got to Jennifer's shin-dig, she was pretty much toast. So, we didn't stay very long, which I hope won't get us on anybody's "Bad Dykes" list or anything.

There's only so much you can do when your carcass turns on you--and when said carcass belongs to your partner, there's even less.

And oh--one more complication. I had insomnia last night, so am feeling rather tired. The good news is I don't have anything that I really MUST do today, so I can rest as needed.

The bad news is I don't have anything that I really MUST do today, so am a bit wracked with anxiety.

Oh, and I'm now 46. Does that number resonate with anyone? I can't quite grasp it.

So, what else is new?

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