Saturday, March 15, 2008

Resignation with a dash of hope

My friend Ed and I were discussing one of the latest dust-ups in the Democratic contest (Sen. Obama's former preacher ripping Hillary for not being a black man) and we both found Obama's response to same calculating in the extreme.

Yet if that's what it comes down to, we'll both vote for the man, for he offers a least the potential for change (while we both also harbor hopes that our gal Hillary will somehow win the day). I think my dear friend sums it up best:

I really do believe that this was (is) Hillary's time. It's easy for me to imagine 8 years of Hillary and then 8 years of Obama. I can't see the reverse happening. And now we might get a President McCain instead. Goddess save us!

A girl can indeed dream and so can a big homo from Palm Springs.

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