Sunday, June 04, 2006

A good, solid show--and a new bit!

Had a good Saturday night at the Comedy Studio, I'm happy to report. Wasn't the best of all time, but it sure beat the heck out of those many weeknights when the audience seemed overpopulated by members of the We Ain't Gonna Laugh, You Can't Make Us club.

The audience took a little while to warm up to me, but I won them over with the new "no cigar" joke--the hand gesture sealed the deal, according to my comedy buddy Jennifer. Have been thinking of things to hang onto this comedy hook, and I think I may have a new bit o' business on those poor, misguided homophobes in my comedy toolkit soon.

Just in time for the Laughing Liberally Boston show--if, indeed, that comes to pass. I hope it does, of course, but am taking a decided we shall see attitude.....

Now, I must get my application together for the Boston Comedy & Movie Festival. May be an exercise in futility (it's a definite boys' club--and a straight, white boys club at that, for the most part), but I feel that as a regular in the Boston area I have the right to try.

Yeah, I'm gullible that way. Oh well, there are worst ways to blow $35--believe me, I know....

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