Friday, May 20, 2005

Beignets et cafe, here I come!

I'm off to New Orleans tomorrow for a business trip/beignet binge. Hope to amass enough editorial to see my sole remaining publication through the year--perhaps enough to write a few freelance ditties as well.

Am having a day of wonderment/worry over my situation. For a little while, I felt elated that I am going to be doing something new; a little while later I became fearful that this new thing isn't going to appear any time soon. Then an e-mail arrived from a friend with this command enclosed: "Enjoy the time off!"

But then, what if the "time off" is indefinite? I'd enjoy it if I knew in 1.5 months I would be shaking the hand of my future manager/director/editor, excited about the fabulous opportunity that awaits me--but what if that great glorious moment doesn't arrive for three months? Five?? A year?!! (Dare we say it: Never??!!)

Can't enjoy that much time off, at least not with two mortgages to feed, a new car--and, last but not least--a partner who has issues about supporting deadbeat girlfriends.

Not that she's ever supported me financially, mind you, but I know this was one of her biggest problems with past girlfriends (she asked me about my financial situation before she asked me on a date, for heaven's sake).

So, I'm torn, that's what I am--but not about going to N.O. My company has already paid for this trip, so I need to just show up and enjoy what might be my last "fun" trip for a while. (No, the upcoming trip to Florida does not qualify--that's a "duty calls" trip, if ever there was one. Linda made two trips to NE Wisconsin in the dead of winter; the least I can do is go to Florida in hurricane season.)

Won't be checking in for a while (don't think I'll want to pay what they charge for Internet access in the hotel, but one never knows)--I'll be back Thursday the 26th.

Till then, all good!

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