Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's up, Padlocked?*

Stayed up late last night to watch "Quantum of Solace" (I think that was the title), one of the latest James Bond films. I am powerless over films featuring Judi Dench, even in a small role, and I think Daniel Craig has that brooding business down pat. It was a satisfying mix of mayhem and macho, and I was glad for the respite from reality, or whatever is transpiring around here.

Things aren't quite as bleak as that last sentence suggests, really. Am getting ever so more accomplished as a sleeper (who knew that could ever be a challenge for yours truly?). Napping during the day and sleeping for great chunks of time with very brief interruptions during the night has become commonplace; so much better than the "High Alert" tossing and turning that characterized my first week or so after Linda's passing. That nagging feeling that I'm shirking my caregiver duties is almost gone, too, though of course I still need to keep on top of Shwea's very important feeding and walking schedule.

Am grateful, too, that I am taking care of the "must do" business that is before me. I had a very productive two-hour meeting with a member of my attorney's staff on Thursday to get started on wrapping up Linda's estate and finances; she was able to get the paperwork rolling for all of Linda's insurance and investment holdings in that relatively short span of time (it likely would have taken me days to do the same). She will also help me complete said paperwork, and recommended an accountant to help me figure out how best to proceed with the proceeds. Am pretty sure Linda would be glad I'm getting professional help with all of this; she knew all too well how math and I get along (which is about as well as she got along with the English language).

Also am working on getting the medical supply depot in the garage thinned out--already found a home for the hydraulic loo, I'm very happy to report. (Yes, I'm happy about finding a good home for a commode, people.) A member of my caregivers' group thought it might be just the thing for his missus, and he came by to pick it up yesterday. Here's hoping! As for the rest of my collection, a dear friend has offered to post it on Freecycle, once I get the inventory compiled. Also plan to clean out the fridge in the garage this weekend, so I can get started on finding that a new home as well. (Now that I'm not in the juicing "business" anymore, a second fridge doesn't make any sense.) I am also contemplating putting the mother of all juicers in our kitchen on Craigslist sometime soon, for that sucker takes up valuable real estate on our very small kitchen counter. Plus, it weighs on me a little to contemplate all the time and energy I (and our friends who learned to juice for Linda's sake) devoted to that contraption.

Otherwise, I am not doing anything with all of Linda's clothes and other effects in the house for now, except washing what has been hanging on hooks and laying about for these many months. When it seems like a good time to move on all of these things I will, but for now, it seems fine to let them be.

In the midst of all of this resting and wrapping up, I have been reading the wonderful cards and letters that have been landing in the mailbox each day. The hardest part of this duty has been not being able to show Linda the sweet and hilarious things that her friends and coworkers have written about her; still, I have to believe that she knows, somehow.

I've also begun getting out a bit; Tuesday night I went to my usual 12-step meeting, and last night I had dinner at a friend's house, that featured good conversation and two marvelous pooches. Tonight, I'm heading to my friend Jennifer's comedy show, Girls! Girls! Girls! (8 p.m. at PACE, if you're interested), and looking forward to being a member of the audience, soaking in the hilarity that is certain to ensue.

Well, I need to tackle my chores for the day, including feeding the Bombshell, so close I should. Hope you're all enjoying your weekend! With love, Ann and the Blond Foodhound

* If you spellcheck Podolske, this is what is suggested.

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