Saturday, March 17, 2007

Door #2

We didn't get any farther with the appliance folks by complaining to the District Attorneys office, but that's not the end of our attempt to get that darned stove off our back porch and back into their showroom, where it belongs.

Today, I sent an e-mail to the stove manufacturer's website, which may or may not result in action, but it just might get their attention. If they know the only dealer of their product in town is ticking people off, they may do something.

Of course, they may not, but it's another step taken toward getting the appliance people to do the right thing.

If I somehow find the time to do this next week, I am also going to try to find the name of the local distributor of said stoves, in the hopes that maybe this person will help make the appliance people see the light of reason.

Or forces them to do the right thing--it doesn't matter how, it just matters that it happens.

Anyway, we know of two families who are not buying appliances there because of this idiocy, so we're making some progress, anyhow....

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LT Garcia said...

I understand your reluctance to publish the name of the local store on your blog, but I wonder if you'd be willing to share it with us via email? After what you've been through I'd hate to give them our business inadvertently. Love your blog, love the comedy (saw Girls Girls Girls a couple weeks back and brought friends)! You can email us the name if you're so inclined at lauratgarcia at Thanks!!

- L and V Garcia, Easthampton