Saturday, October 28, 2006

My, I am slipping....

Just completed an online poll on political issues, and it featured some questions on Edward Kennedy's opponent, someone with the last name of Chase, I believe.

I had no idea Ted Kennedy had an opponent. None at all.

I grew up in a home consumed with politics, and am surprised how much I don't know this election cycle.

Has All-American Apathy finally taken hold? Where can a gal get some NASCAR in these parts?!

No, I can still get my blood up thinking about That Man in the White House, so I don't think my political interest is completely gone.

Perhaps I'm just tired. I've been alive long enough to have heard decades' worth of outrages from those greedy bastards who are running things...right into the ground.

How much outrage can one gal muster? Methinks the supply is limited.

Of course, this could all be my (missing) tooth talking. Man, did that procedure ever knock me down a peg. Haven't felt this wobbly for ages, and I'm not enjoying my diminished status in the least.

Tried to take some leaves out of the gutter this afternoon, and got dizzy after only a few sections. What a wuss!

Am trying to enjoy my sloth while I may, but darn this work ethic--I can't!

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