Thursday, July 13, 2006

Am soooooo glad this will soon be over

This working two jobs business, I mean. I know I will miss the money, there's no question there, but the dragging myself home from a full day of work to stare at my PC screen and try to compose some snappy bits of business on compensation plans? PULEEEEEASE.

It's been a small slice o' heck, that it has. But yes, it will sooooooon be over. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

On other fronts, my sister had a retirement party today in Detroit. She wanted Linda and yours truly to come, but we really couldn't swing it, having just had a vacation and all. And with my boss on vacation and my lone colleague out with bronchitis, the timing couldn't be worse.

A rather familiar scenario where my family is concerned, but that's a story for another time, perhaps.

My dear brother, who may be striving for some sort of secular sainthood, is in Detroit. He flew there to be at my sister's party, where he read something I wrote for the occasion.

Ah yes, another writing gig, right in the midst of my last second-job deadline. (Did I say something about timing earlier? Yes, this too was terrible.) As for what I wrote, I'm sorry to report that it was terrible, too. Let's just say my sister and I are not close, so I was hard-pressed to come up with the requisite heart-warming or amusing vignettes one usually trots out for such affairs.

However, the good news is that I didn't have to read my writing in person. Dear brother did it, and being a silver-tongued devil, I'm sure he did swell. Unless my sister's coworkers are a bunch of stiffs who were just there for the cake. I've seen it happen, it's not pretty.

On the "not pretty" front, there was a letter to the editor in yesterday's paper that set my mood button to FOUL first thing this morning. Took about a half hour to recover from the self-centeredness and ignorance on display in the missive. If a person had written that sort of letter about Jews or African Americans or any other minority, he would have been rightly derided as a kook and a bigot. Of course, as his topic was gays, he got a prominent place in the paper, and probably a lot of "Atta boy, Ed!" from other like-minded trolls in town. Sigh.

Some days, I wonder about my fellow man, and why oh why dear God is he sometimes such a rat bastard?

Took all day to formulate a letter that could be printed in a family paper. Will it make it? We shall see.

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