Monday, January 19, 2009

More comedy on the docket

Hail and hello! It appears I've taken a long winter's nap, and am just getting up.

If only.

The good news is I have two shows coming up, but need more details before I can post anything. One is on Jan. 31 and is in Agawam (I think); the other is in March sometime and will be at the Log Cabin in Holyoke. That show is a all-woman comedy fundraiser, which bodes well.

Am also working on our friend Rick J of Comedy Studio fame for some spots, but he's playing hard to get. Well, when the fates smile upon me, I shall return. If they don't, I will survive (and yes, I'm hearing a disco anthem in my noggin' as I type this).

Otherwise, life is going along. Linda is feeling a little better after Tuesday's chemo, we will soon be bidding Pres. Bush a grateful farewell, I have today and tomorrow off, and it's not snowing. In fact, the driveway and walk are shoveled (when I have the time I do try to avoid using the snowthrow--one of my "green" attempts that sound good in theory, but my back is very unhappy with me for putting it into practice).

Am striving to be as optimistic as possible about our prospects in the coming year, both personally and politically. It's a challenge, but I have to believe hope can pay dividends. That said, I do have one big quibble about the political side of that quest. I think that Sen. Obama talks a good game about equality and justice, but if he believed it, why would he have that "gays are perverts" pastor on the docket for tomorrow? And why did he have that "ex-gay" pastor on the campaign trail in the South?

Why oh why, Obama?

Perhaps this is why I can't seem to put my "Hillary '08" hat away?

Oh well, we'll give the pup a chance (I say this, for he is younger than I am--what a terrible milestone! I am now at the age where I am older than the president!!!).

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