Sunday, November 09, 2008

What a relief!

The show went well, I'm happy to report, even though there were several signs that could have spelled Trouble for yours truly.

It was a room of working folks in a clubhouse setting. That night was a fundraiser for the club, featuring a roast beef dinner and comedy for $12. Yes--$12. But with a cash bar (yes, we see the wisdom of the pricing scheme now, don't we?).

They got an earful of lesbian- and gay-themed jokes from yours truly, and from the report offered by my friends and sweetie, they enjoyed them. Thoroughly. True, people got a little restless during my jokes on the alcoholism front, but considering many had what Rich Gustus called "bowling alleys" of beer bottles in front of them, I am not surprised.

Oh, and the mic died on me at one point.

But otherwise, a lovely night was had by all. I was comfortable up on stage (even when the mic went out--odd), and was happy to listen to Rich and Bill Campbell after my set. It was great to laugh, and our lone little lesbian table had themselves a hoot.

It's good to be back in the laugh business.

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