Thursday, May 24, 2007

Getting better all the time (v.2)

Guess who I saw on the chaise after lunch this afternoon? None other than Linus, that's who!

He is still having some trouble, true, but he is getting so much more mobile lately, we have real hope for the boy.


On other fronts, it's soon to be a holiday weekend, and I for one think it can't come fast enough.

Big Company has been a bit more vexing than usual lately.

Working there has helped me feel a lot better about myself in some ways (they need a little levity and clarity in their lives, and that's something I can certainly deliver), but worse in others (why am I walking around in these marble-lined halls wearing these ridiculous clothes? And what's with this cubicle?? Thank goddess I'm not claustrophobic!).

But I enjoy earning my keep and Linda has been talking a lot about doing a Johnny Paycheck (and soon), so that's all I'm going to say.

Memorial day weekend is upon us. Let us all take a moment to rejoice in this, and the fact that the best German Shepherd mix in the world is back up on his throne, master of all he surveys.

Happy day!

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