Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Time to get back to (The Comedy) business

Things still are a bit up in the air at home (check out our CaringBridge site for details), but I've decided it's time to act "as if" life is returning to normal, even if we're not there. Yet.

Not that "normal" is what we're really aiming for, if you know what I mean.

Since I last posted here (in July!), I've become a married lady. Well, married lesbian. (My mother was a lady--me, I'm a woman who is called "Sir" on a regular basis.) Swept up in the romance of Linda's impending surgery, we decided to get hitched because many of our lesbian friends said it would make a big difference to the hospital staff if we were.

Yes, it was mostly a practical move. What do you expect from two women who have been together over 15 years, eh?

And while this is almost as embarrassing as admitting I own a Tony Little Gazelle, I also have been trying to adopt the practices suggested in "The Secret."

(Judge me at your peril, people. 8-)

No, we're not yet awash in health (focus #1) or wealth (#2), but we're doing really great on the love front. And my carcass is far less creaky, as I continue to tell myself that it's as perfect and flexible as a child's.

The only downside of this business is that after a nine-month absence, my period has come back to visit. Need to revise that mental focus a bit, perhaps. Maybe I should focus on having a body that's a perfect and flexible as a child's--with 49-year-old ovaries.

We shall see.

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Andrea Henry said...

yay!you're back to the old blog. i missed it!